Meet Paisley!

She's a fashionista porcupine who always manages to get her quirky, upbeat "Point" across. Her nemesis, Zavanah, is the snarliest animal fashion designer in the wildlife kingdom.

I bet you didn't know this, but in the Ferocious Fashion Forest, porcupines serve a very important purpose. They are the quills! Instead of using their quills for their protection, they use them to pin up Zavanah's creations.

Although naive, Paisley senses that there is something very wrong with this scenario. Yet, the porcupette's dream is to become an animal fashion designer in her own right. Besides, she needs some serious street cred. So she unwittingly becomes a pawn in the backbiting industry.

Zavanah always tells Paisley that "she'll never be a zzzomebody without her." What will it take for Paisley to believe in herself!


I invite you behind the scenes of the animal fashion industry. My wish is that Paisley's adventures will leave you in stitches!


Paisley's Quill

Coming soon... Follow Paisley's Blog: Paisley's Quill as she shares her adventures in the animal fashion world.

Paisley's dream: To design FUNtabulous fashions for all of the animalista's who walk down the RED CARPET... and to help ALL species in whatever way she can!

Paisley's favorite color: Blue!

Paisley's mission: To make kindness fashionable!

Paisley's purpose: To remind us all that whenever  someone says that "you'll never be a zzzomebody without me," DON'T BELIEVE THEM!

Paisley's favorite saying: "I'm not just another pretty quill!"



Meet Zavanah!


Zavanah is "the" fashion diva to reckon with! She watched "The Lion Wears Prada," and thought that it was tame.

In the animal fashion world, the only way to survive is to eat your competition for lunch. Luckily, Zavanah is a vegetarian. Although she assures us all that "no animal is ever harmed," she views her models, tailors and quills, as fair game. Zavanah better be careful though, otherwise CHTA will throw red paint on her creations!

Zavanah's never seen the likes of Paisley. Never has anyone had enough prickly spunk to take the fashion queen off of her thrown!


Hold on for the Quill Ride of your Life!