Do you ever wonder why there are patterns in your life that keep on repeating? Do you realize that this is happening on a molecular level? I am in the process of reading the book Molecules of Emotion written by Candice B. Pert, Ph.D. She was featured in the move What the Bleep Do We Know. (See an excerpt from the movie below.)

What I read is mind-bending. In layman's terms, molecules of emotions and the chemicals they  produce, only fit into certain receptors in your brain/body. For example, she states: "Could an elevated mood, one of happy expectation and hope for an exciting possibility or adventure, protect against certain viruses?" It goes on to explain that the rheovirus or cold, "uses the receptor for norephinephrine," which floods through the body when we're happy. So, if you are happy, "the rehovirus can't enter the cell because the norepinephrine blocks all the potential virus receptors."

This is why I am so fascinated in this subject. Just a few years ago, I was hovering between life and death (long story of what happened.) My husband had retired and our goal was to travel around the world for the rest of our lives. As luck would have it, we ended up in the Palm Beach area. Desperate, I went to see an acupuncturist. I had spent a year bedridden and I wanted to get my life back.

During his first consult, he told me that I was very creative. I remember thinking at the time, please heal my body. Why are you telling me how creative I am. He answered me by saying that it was my creativity that would heal me ~ not the needles. So to my amazement, the acupuncturist prescribed IMPROV classes!

Now, you must understand that I could hardly move, let alone bounce around and laugh! The thought of it was overwhelming. But, I was desperate so I started taking classes. The creativity and laughter was so life affirming that something miraculous started to happen in my body. Now I understand: my joy molecules were blocking the receptors for grief and sickness. So began my journey in healing and revealing who I really am meant to be in this world. (This CAN happen for you too!)

If you are intrigued, watch the video where it visually demonstrates how the chemicals of  emotions become linked, almost like the inside of a computer, and this is what becomes our identity! More important... we can change our future!

Photo of me by: Robert Zuckerman