Put a weed on your wall!



Feel the thrill as the majestic beauty of a carousel horse with the spirit of one that is alive... takes flight! The "Flying Horse Couture" series are triptics that are 6' x 4' ft. Each one is bejeweled and has a handmade 3D saddle made from clay. I always get OOOOO's and AHHHH's when people see them!

Prices start at $10,000. I also welcome custom work!


I want you to swim in bliss! Let the colors bathe you and may the images be spirit-lifting! I invite you to go through my portfolio and find the photos that will turn your environment into a STATEMENT PIECE!

These images can be incorporated onto canvas; aluminum; glass; the possibilities are endless.

Price depends on size and material.


My "Waterscapes" series is meant to dazzle and amaze! I originated a new art form by using water sculptures as my canvas. The result is a salubrious technique that takes color into a new arena of purity that is vivid, fluid and alive.

I've always thought of myself as the Georgia O'Keeffe of water sculpture art. My pieces are collected by the most discerning patrons.

These images can be incorporated onto: canvas; aluminum; glass; endless possibilities!

A limited series of five prints (when on canvas) is then hand enhanced with oil paint to create an added touch of drama! I welcome your inquiry!!!!

(See my Portfolio to find your favorites! Prices are dependent on size and material.)

Let your walls speak for themselves

Ask to see my portfolio TODAY!


All of Deborah Weed's Images are Copyright and can not be used

without written permission