QUILL POWER is a program to EMPOWER our youth and adults, alike. It is a creative, anti-bullying, inter-generational, campaign that WILL make a difference!

Paisley wanted to be a fashionista as soon as she saw her first rainbow. The porcupette dreamed of wearing it. But, in the animal fashion world, porcupines use their quills to pin up other designer’s fashions. Not their own.

Paisley is that part in all of us, that is willing to give up our QUILLS, (POWER) in order to fulfill our dreams. During her journey, she will be bullied, underestimated and along the way, discover her inner strength.

I see Paisley as the Mascot and intermediary between adults who have experienced giving their power away, only to discover how talented they are... and the children who are just "trying on" their own self worth!

By being a part of Paisley’s hero’s journey, we can teach lessons about “QUILL POWER” in an imaginative and entertaining way.


Please contact me @ deborahweed@mac.com