I'm deborah Weed.

Your whys-girl!

speaker + Writer + Artist + creator of "answers that heal."

There was a time when I hovered between life and death. It was excruciating to be on the sidelines of life. I searched for answers that would guide me back to being vibrant once again. Along the way, my family, friends and strangers gave me HEALING ADVICE... THAT I WANT TO SHARE WITH YOU!

how am i different?

I had a medical condition in which I was misdiagnosed. For years, I suffered alone and misunderstood. My search for answers drove me to ask questions that were coming from a very honest and deep place. Luckily for me, I have a sage-like dad who explained things in a very creative way. Every time I would share his guidance with one of my friends, they would feel better. His advice was practical and doable knowledge that I wanted to bottle up. Soon, everyone in my life was offering amazing insights. I loved turning this valuable wisdom into something fun, creative and insightful. Whether it is through my videos, books or songs, the goal is to heal through love and joy!

i want to uplift!

Being misunderstood became my ultimate gift. I know what it feels like to be invisible. It is my heart's desire to offer you an abundance of love and understanding. I realize that life's journey can feel scary and lonely. There are so many layers to why you feel the way you do. Let's unravel the layers together so that you have clarity and a road map out of pain. Sometimes you need an emotional translator who has asked a lot of whys... and has found pragmatic answers. ANSWERS THAT HEAL.

born to serve.

When things were really tough, I asked a dear friend, "Why am I on the sidelines of life? Ever since I was a little girl, I dreamed of being an angel who would help people to find joy." She answered, "The only way to be an angel is to honestly feel what it feels like when someone is going through tough times."
Now I know.
Now I'm ready.


Deborah Weed is the founder of the Self-Worth Initiative. Her current mission is to inspire 1.7 million people, ages 3 - 103, to reclaim their self-worth so that their lives will be empowered to reach their fullest potential. Why 1.7 million people? Click on the Self-Worth Initiative button to find out!


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