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Deborah Weed is the Founder of the Self-worth Initiative whose mission is to inspire 1.7 million people, ages 3 to 103, to reclaim their self-worth so that lives will be empowered to reach their fullest potential.

She is also the Inventor of BULLYosophy, The All American Penny Hunt and the Paisley, Quill Power Parties. Her heartfelt Speeches, Breakouts and Seminars will inspire and empower your participants to believe in themselves.

let's connect: deborahweed@mac.com

Deborah Weed is the author of The Luckiest Penny, Paisley, The Fashionista Porcupine, The Sticky Bun Bandits and Center of the Universe. She is filled with stories of taking the proverbial leap of faith, self-discovery and loves to share how to manifest your own dreams.

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  • What's a penny worth? - what's our inherent value?

If a penny can be worth 1.7 million dollars, then what are each and every one of us worth? During this empowering talk, Deborah shares the story of how a 1943, rare copper penny became her personal hero. After spending three years in bed, teetering between life and death, she felt worthless. This time on the sidelines became a time of self-reflection, abandonment and discovery about what really counts and why.

ideal audience:

People dealing with illness; people who have had a traumatic experience in their lives; people who have lost their dreams and need to be inspired to dream again; people who are in the midst of financial and/or career changes; people who have special abilities.

breakouts and workshops:

  • Are you worthy of magnificence?
  • Count on your potential!
  • Your mistakes and why they make you more valuable.
  • Change is the only thing that is constant.

  • BULLYosophy! - let's look at the solutions, not the problems!

BULLYosophy is our collective philosophy on bullying: rather than shinning a light on the bullies, we need to concentrate on self-worth! During this talk, Deborah shares her vision about what our world would look like if the bullies and the bullied had self-worth. She shares personal stories of experiences that inspired her to see things differently.

ideal audience:

Teachers; politicians; celebrities; parents; children and anyone who wants to help change the paradigm of bullying.

breakouts and workshops:

  • would bullies still pick on others if they had self worth? Would the bullied be able to stand up for themselves if they had self worth?

  • bullyosophy think tank!

  • bullyosophy rap!

  • inter-generational bully-fusion!


  • how to pet a dinosaur - or, how to channel overwhelming emotions

How to Pet a Dinosaur is a collection of stories that Deborah's wiser than wise Dad, told to his daughter during a very difficult time in her life. These stories include: Why emotions are like dinosaurs; the momentum of an emotion; why positive thinking doesn't work; how to channel your emotions; what is the quasi-emotion that will stop you every time; how to outsmart your children; why friends are like roads; where is the most resistance and how to keep on going; and much, much, more.

ideal audience:

Women who want to channel their emotions in a positive way; women who are dealing with a physical, mental or financial crisis and women who want to get a male perspective.

breakouts and workshops

  • whose your dinosaur!

  • don't be pre-herstoric!

  • the petting zoo!

  • whose the boss of you?

  • center of the universe - what to do when you're in overwhelm!

The Center of the Universe is a talk that centers around when everything is going wrong, how to right ourselves. Deborah shares stories of being broken and how she learned to take her power back. It includes concepts that center around spirituality, quantum physics, thought leaders and angels that she met on her journey towards empowerment.

ideal audience:

Spiritual seekers and peeps of: The Course in Miracles; Marianne Williamson; Abraham; Pam Grout; Deepak Chopra; Wayne Dwyer; Neale Donald Walsch; Brene Brown; Pema Chodron; Oprah; Ellen; Robin Duncan; Greg Kuhn, etc.

breakouts and workshops

  • what are you still carrying?

  • what's your highest calling, and who is it that's making the call?

  • are you broken? or, are you in the process of healing?

  • are you the center of the universe? Or, is the universe your center?

  • creativity of the cosmos - the most creative things in the universe and how it relates to us!

The Creativity of the Cosmos is a WOW inspiring muti-entertainment presentation that shares all of the most creative things in the world! Did you know that no one sees the same rainbow? Or, that the green we see in foliage is not really green. Have you ever wondered why we stop asking "WHY" as we get older? Did you know that there are some plants that only bloom for one day?

ideal audience:

Country Clubs; art galleries and any businesses or organizations that want to leave people in a state of wonder!

Quill Power!.jpeg
  • paisley quill power parties! - fun events full of empowerment and surprises!

Paisley Quill Power Parties are a fun and dynamic way to help raise funds for your organization and empower your guests! Activities include: sharing empowering stories; walking down the red carpet of self-worth; playing innovative games; artistic activities and adopting one of Paisley's friends to be a constant reminder of your inner strength! Always remember, where there is a quill, there is a way!

ideal audience:

Non-for-profits; PTA's; tweens and their moms; fashionistas; the artistic community; fashion designers; any group that wants to empower their guests and help to raise funds for their organization. For more details and to schedule your party, contact Deborah at: deborahweed@mac.com

  • the luckiest Penny - interactive musical about self-worth!

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  • And much, much, more...

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